Friday, November 05, 2004

The Day After November 2nd

America is having a love affair with

We are slowly twirling down the righteous toilet bowl of

Entitled to oil, cheap health care, to protect fetuses and
murder people who threaten our great, unspeakable “national interest”.

A gazillion dollars was spent to prove we can’t reconcile our
differences or
work together
to slaughter a common enemy.

Glumly, America is without a vision.

Fear and confusion make us a rampaging bull in a china shop,
vast needs, no plan.

We wake up today to face the real enemy, ourselves.
What are we building, America?

Shopping centers, internet backbone, colossal traffic jams,
rural factories, Sex, $, $, Sex, $ and horrifying debt?

Do we know how to listen to each other?

to simply visit each other,
rub each others tired feet and shoulders,
share a meal together,
cry over our mutual ignorance???

Grieve today for divided America,
its headless chicken economy,
its tragic hero infamy.

Gather the ashes and pray
for a Phoenix.


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