Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Leave the Turkey ruffling in the wilds,

to gobble what it was created to gobble…

Thank with emptier stomach, a root soup

of parsnip, yam, onion, perhaps a bit of homegrown

hubbard squash.

Unstuff our minds of acquisition and unholy fears.

feel the lightness of souls

-- liberated by the unskillful meting of wild west justice.

weight on hands and shoulders from passing


instead of care.

Unstuff habits and condonings –

stuffed gas tank, refrigerator…bank accounts.

the meal is the colors of the Desert,

sandy grief,
crunching in the mouth,

the price of oysters
ripped from their homes.

un-appetizer of fatherless and motherless children

rendered by our commander-and-thief.

Eat lightly to unstuff the distance and spin and leavening

placed on our violent shadow,

begetting still another generation of

ashamed and mournful men and women,

soldiers and parents, torn apart by duty and conscience.

Unstuff the newspaper and media of its rationalizations.

Unstuff the contradiction of saving fetuses while slaughtering


Unstuff the Houses of Congress and owning class who condone

the exportation of Great Violence because they are too frightened and/or

unprepared to heal the disparity here.

The Stuffed and the Unstuffed – that is what America is coming down to!

Bless our families and unbless our way of conspicuously-consumed


Set most of this meal outside your house, for the spirits

who freely distribute wealth.

May those who need nourishment find it this Thanksgiving.

May the one God, who wears no uniform, find forgiveness and mercy

for those who stumble and bumble in his name.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger Chandira said...

Thanks Aaron, that's awesome! Truly.

Right on! If you don't mind, with full credit and a link to you, I'd like to post that on my own blog. ?? A no is fine..

I really enjoy your (un)stuff. Keep posting!!

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Chandira said...

Thanks Aaron, I appreciate your invitation! I might well show up there soon. Would be fun to meet you! :-)

Happy dancing! Chandira


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