Sunday, January 30, 2005

Calm in the Middle of Emerald City

One of the greatest challenges for each of us is how to create

a sense of refreshing inner peace while living in the middle of a busy, turbulent city.

So how do I stay calm in the middle of Emerald City?

#1 Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, several times a day.

#2 Take a walk and feel your whole body as you walk,

Give your self permission to move your body any way that feels

good while you walk, swing your arms out and above your head,

spin around, walk backwards, improvise your walk to be a kind

of dance with your own inner child/joy/spirit.

#3 Find a panoramic spot, sit and gaze for half an hour.

Along Magnolia Drive, Lincoln Park, Magnuson Park, Discovery Park South Meadows,

Green Lake, Myrtle Edwards Park (for you downtown workers!), Golden Gardens park, Alki, Ravenna Park, Carkeek Park, Laurelhurst park


#4 Best places to meditate in town

Rose Garden next to Woodland Park Zoo (50th and Fremont Ave.)

Galer and 15th Ave. overlook Capital Hill

anywhere in the Arboretum

most of the above parks

NE corner of Green Lake across from little island

walking path to water at Center for Urban Horticulture

Luther Burbank park Mercer Island far west point

a cushion in your favorite room

#5 Call a trusted friend and ask them to stay on the phone with you for

3 minutes of mutual hallowed silence.

#6 Keep a CD of your favorite spiritual music and play a cut once a day,

especially as a reward for reaching a work milestone.

#7 Lie down, full body on the grass and watch the clouds move.

#8 Close your eyes and visualize a happy event.

#9 Hug yourself – switch arms and do it again

#10 Meditate in the Gompa at Vajralama Buddhist Center

67th and 24th in Ballard (between Noon and 4PM)

#11 Dance at Ecstatic Dance Seattle @ Dance Underground

#12 Relax your entire body and say inside your mind, “I surrender”

#13 say “I’m exactly where I want to be” three times

#14 yaWn, St r e t c h, shake all over like a WET DOG!

#15 remember someone you knew and loved who died, thinking

“How fortunate I was to know you!”

#16 buy a single flower and hand it to the first stranger that smiles at you.

#17 take off your shoes and walk barefoot

#18 somewhere where nobody is around SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS

(lighthouse point at Discovery Park!)

#19 pet a cat, some soft fabric, with permission, somebody’s hair.

#20 sing one of your favorite songs (on-key, off-key… whatever)

May you have moments of exquisite inner peace each day.


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