Wednesday, July 23, 2014


you are phenomena,
like aurora borealis, rainbows, 
cherry blossoms basking aloft, then dancing in the street.

the meaning of life is written in sign language:
fingers of sea-foam tip-toeing up the long shoreline…

the purpose of life is to be here always,
like the Buddha’s smile,
smiling the world awake,
love abiding.

play long notes, tune the orchestra of gifts.

give attention to what is working,
what could work ever more

release your struggle, 
like you do each garment, every night.

there is no better place to go, all is here.
see like sunlight, 
lighting up dust motes,
lost in their turning.

leave your wants, as stacked rocks, 
balanced at the water’s edge. 

your job is to teach and learn,
receiving w/ humility, giving w/o strings.

welcome what is uncomfortable,
the screaming child, the terrified adult,
they are but a cleansing storm.

there is no security to hoard,
money, so much desert sand...
invest in each other,
in hummingbird-flowers,
in oases, where every creature is celebrated.

there is no need to survive
ask a tree root
given passage
through the boulder.


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