Tuesday, May 08, 2012


magnolia blossoms are as lovely littering the ground as
cupping aloft high on the branch

you are as beautiful laying on the ground
as balancing an Excel spreadsheet

water beads are everywhere making bracelets
for your soul to slip on easily

there is a suppleness to spring soil that makes even
the sturdiest beetle slip

a hummingbird enjoys the same microscopic sip of sugar
that endeared you to mother’s milk.

the whole earth sunbathes every day of the year.

you have eaten, loved, slaughtered and cared for one another
since the molten lava cooled.

you are free to radiate about this galaxy or another
admiring the plasmatic displays.

I have seen hundreds of RVers standing along the roadside,
transfixed in silence,
gazing upon a naked moose bull,
slowly wading through the
shallow waters of the
snake river.