Tuesday, October 27, 2015


in the natural world,
there are no questions,
there are a series of events,
water falling, meandering, birdsong echoing,
trees creaking, animals hunting, sleeping,
nature cleaning up its brief messes –
bloody carcasses swiftly cleansed and
returned to the elements.

in the human world
there is much drama
obsession with human survival,
habits, shortcuts,
a religion called “money”,
a small wish to benefit all beings,
that has been drowned out by the noise
of construction, war, coffee machines,
many ostrich heads buried in the sand of the

next month a meeting in Paris to decide the
fate of the two worlds,
many people will surely die if there is no
turnaround, many other beings will suffer death as well.
but there is little belief in universal sharing – the sun,
the wind, honest labor in the fields.
instead there is a crazy belief in GNP, in non-stop
growth, like cancer,
that glass and steel, concrete and oil can cure.

I see Ghandhi-ji in a corner of the room, spinning
the white thread, smiling that far away smile.
And in the distance the sound of elephants and
whales, loons and lemurs – asking…

how will you vote?
what will you tell your children?